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Moss Adams Business Consultants: Sustainability Audits

Whether an internal goal or the result of customer demand, sustainability initiatives are changing the business landscape. We'll help you document your efforts and uncover valuable related incentives.


Expectations are changing. Are you changing with them?

Corporate social responsibility reporting is quickly becoming standard. Costco, Walmart, Microsoft, and other US companies are aggressively greening their supply chains, resulting in a raising of the bar for hundreds of thousands of companies who sell through retail channels or provide services to those channels.

What’s more, consumer surveys demonstrate a growing buyer preference for environmentally and socially responsible products and services. Strategies for improved sustainability have become critical for ensuring marketplace success, attracting the best employees, and gaining community acceptance.


From working with you to develop a program to helping you make your existing one more robust and meaningful, Moss Adams LLP provides a wide range of sustainability reporting solutions, including:

- Planning and consulting for tax credits, funding grants, and accelerated depreciation for projects meeting environmentally friendly criteria in building construction, renewable energy, waste reduction, and other areas
- Assistance in meeting supply chain reporting requirements of major customers, including providing independent assurance on reports where required
- Corporate social responsibility reporting, including defining key performance indicators and establishing data collection and control systems to support business strategy and reporting
- Independent assurance services on corporate social responsibility reports
- Planning, compliance, and supply chain assessments/reporting related to the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act


Our professionals specialize in a large cross section of industries. This helps us understand your industry-specific issues, giving us deeper insight into the key performance indicators and data collection systems necessary to support your corporate social responsibility and supply chain reporting requirements.

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Moss Adams Business Consultants: Investment Banking

Creating value. Identifying opportunity. Driving growth. Our seasoned professionals have the experience to guide you every step of the way.


Moss Adams Capital LLC is a leading investment banking firm dedicated to helping companies and individuals create business value, sell and acquire businesses, raise equity and debt capital, and evaluate strategic opportunities.

Moss Adams Capital principals are senior, seasoned professionals who have a proven track record as advisors for middle-market companies. We focus on middle-market companies with revenues between $10 million and $350 million. Our expertise spans numerous industry sectors representing a wide range of businesses. Our investment banking services are complemented by the extensive experience and skills of Moss Adams LLP, our affiliate.


Moss Adams Capital is majority owned by Moss Adams LLP, the largest independent accounting and consulting firm located in the Western United States. With origins in Seattle in 1913, Moss Adams has provided advice to middle-market companies for nearly 100 years. Moss Adams is a member of Praxity, a global alliance of independent firms that serve middle-market companies in more than 70 countries.

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Tips for searching the ideal commercial property by Bacall Development

Some say that location is the most important thing when looking for the perfect property for your business. But Bacall Development claims that there are other essential things to consider that are just or even more important as location. Looking for the perfect property for your business can be arduous, so the Bacall team suggests the following to help you find the right commercial property.


Reviews show that location holds great importance to some business, but not to every business out there because it depends on the kind of business you have. For instance, location can set a great difference and can greatly contribute to the success or failure of your business in case you depend on customer contact in a retail setting. You must be in a place that is accessible and easy to find.

You may choose a serene location if you don't see clients often at your site to offer a peaceful environment to your staff. With this, they can be more focused to finish their jobs. Bacall Development recommends a home office if you don't have any employees on site and don't expect visits from customers. This way, you can save on operating costs and provide potential tax savings.


Make sure that the property fits your business well and works for the kind of business you have. Size is an important factor whether you're just starting out or moving your business. If the site can accommodate your business then it can be an excellent choice for you. In order to avoid any added expense because of retrofitting, see to it that the place has been outfitted with wiring to meet your electrical and communication needs. Knowing the zoning ordinances of the area is also considered necessary.


Does the location of the property has a good neighborhood? Bacall Development needs you to prioritize the growth of your business, so even though the rent is high but the location is accessible and suits your needs, it is worth your money. Placing your business near similar businesses can do you good if you have a retail business. Consider a place that is convenient for your customers and offers the chance to combine trips and errands. Parking, safety, and traffic also have great influence to potential customers, so put them into mind. Comfort and safety are crucial for your customers and employees, so see to it that you will choose a property that offers both.


Is the property affordable to you? Begin looking at a commercial property for your business after having a particular budget in mind. Bacall associates rental suggests that you consider different alternatives such as renting an existing space, buying a lot and have control over the construction and design, and leasing a build-to-suit. You can buy an affordable piece of property for your business by stopping at the courthouse to get a list of business closings or property foreclosures.


Check if the property is really out there. You can schedule a consultation with a real estate broker to help you lessen your options in case you're not certain how to find a commercial property. Going in person is also advisable if you're going to visit some locations that caught your interest. This can help you do some evaluation on some issues that may affect your business such as competition, traffic, and overall convenience. Bacall Development recommends the use of online searching at real estate websites if you want to see what is available on the market without exerting too much effort. 

Keep in mind that a good commercial property does not stay available for long, so be prepared to act quickly if you find one that really matches your business needs.

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Singapore Huxley Associates: All change for salaries in the banking sector

International Financial Corporation Fraud Regulatory Commission

Front office roles are no longer the only ones where employees can receive large salaries in the banking sector.

Nowadays, support roles such as risk management and oversight can command the same three-figure salaries as their front office counterparts.

The banking sector has undergone significant change in the last decade. For much of the past few years the industry has found itself in the dock. The fallout from the financial crisis, several high profile cases of banking skullduggery and massive fines handed out as a result has led to a rise in the importance of non-revenue producing roles.

“There’s much more of an emphasis now on how you run the business and manage risk, rather than making money for the sake of making money,” explains Jonathan Astbury, Associate Partner at Newington International. “The focus has moved from revenue drivers to a risk management and clear and prudent oversight perspective.

“Salaries in front office haven’t changed, so banks are having to invest out more in general. However, the big change has been the bonus potential of front office, which is now a lot lower than it was previously, and those savings are filtering through to back and middle office.”

Of course, much of the bad behavior within banking historically and has been blamed on the fact that remuneration was linked to the revenue generated and proprietary trading risk was rewarded.

“In the old days it was quite conceivable that a good salesman would get a bonus of between £400k and £1m, and that was purely on the basis that they were making at least 10 times that in revenue,” says Jonathan.

“Firstly, those revenue figures are much lower these days so bonuses have naturally come down. Secondly, the overall markets are not as active: there is increased pressure on margins, and you’ve also got the advent of electronic trading and direct market access. A lot of work is now done by systems, not people, which is a cheaper and permanent change.”

New high paying roles

The newer high paying roles are centered around functions like senior level project managers and senior analysts, many of whom have been employed to run large projects that will help banks save money and work more efficiently in the long term. Compliance and regulatory affairs feature heavily as well:

“There has been an exponential rise in salaries in compliance because there is a real shortage of talent at a senior level,” explains Jonathan. “Regulatory change is an ongoing and evolutionary process, so even when new regulations have been absorbed there will be more on the way.

“Specialized research areas are also quite lucrative, high level academics are being brought in to help develop trading strategies, and to help develop products. Financial and cybercrime is also an area that’s growing in importance and in demand for talent.”

Finding the talent

Sourcing the right people often comes as a result of headhunting, with remuneration being a key driver influencing whether a candidate chooses to move jobs. Whilst London is still a key hub, many banks are onshoring the non-front office roles to other UK cities such as Birmingham.

There’s no need for front office to consider changing roles yet, however. Recent surveys by salary benchmarking site Emolument shows that salespeople, origination, and trader or structurer in investment banking are still the highest paid roles in banking.

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Tips for taking care of bespoke furniture - Hamilton Marsden Shop Review

Most homeowners today prefer to extend the lifespan of their bespoke furniture and maintain its appearance and functionality to treasure them for many more years to come. Due to the climatic conditions of your home, wood is often prone to changes in movement and color because of its natural characteristics. Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden will provide specific tips on how to take care of bespoke furniture made from wood in the subsequent paragraphs. Following these simple tips prepared by the team will help you reduce the damaging effects of such changes to your bespoke furniture. 

Avoid direct sunlight

Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden's review regarding this matter was discussed in their previous posts, but the team will elucidate again the importance of keeping away your furniture from direct sunlight. It is apparent that there are damaging effects to the furniture once it is exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time such as cracking and expansion. Shrinkage can also happen to the furniture if the wood dries out because of heat. Strong sunlight can result to bleaching and crumbling of the finish applied to the furniture. The use of shades, blinds and shutters are recommended to control the effect of sunlight to your furniture.

Maintain proper humidity

To keep the wood in good condition, do not let it dry out because it needs a good amount of moisture since it is partly composed of water. If the climate is in average condition, keeping a small bowl of water or a plant in the same room is enough for your furniture. But if the weather is very dry, a humidifier is needed to maintain the proper humidity of your home.

Keep out on sources of heat

Placing your bespoke furniture near or front of radiators, open fires or any other source of heat is not advisable. Turning on or off the sources of heat can result in a change in temperature which can greatly affect the dimensional stability of the bespoke furniture. As previously stated, heat can dry out the furniture and it is not good for its condition.

Use coasters or mats

Don't place hot or cold drinks, plates and crockery directly on the wooden furniture. It’s better to use coasters or mats under such items because even a glass of water can cause damage to the furniture due to the moisture condensing from the air around and underneath the glass entering the surface and causing discoloration. 

Put protective pads under fixed items

You should put protective cork or felt pads fitted underneath the items that you are using for decorating your home such as bowls, figurines, ornaments, and vases, which are sitting on the furniture for a long period of time. It's also wise to regularly move such items to prevent any discoloration on your bespoke furniture.

Clean regularly

You can remove marks on the bespoke furniture by using a lightly moistened cloth, and dry it with another cloth such as a soft microfiber cloth. Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden recommends dusting regularly to maintain the good condition of the furniture.

Quickly handle spillages

Use a clean and lightly moistened cloth to remove spillages of drinks or food on your furniture, and then dry the surface with a clean dry cloth. You must act quickly when there are spillages on your furniture because it will be impossible to completely remove them once they are left alone for a long period of time.

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Bacall Development: The benefits of investing in commercial property

Safety is the main reason why some people invest in commercial property since it's the main interest of many. Based on recent reviews, commercial property will still perform for you even if the economy slows down, unlike in residential property. And when the economy is strong, commercial property increases its value and gives you a stable income.

But if you're still in doubt or just planning to start out in this venture, Bacall Development explains the benefits you can gain from investing in commercial property through the following paragraphs to help you make up your mind. The firm is a full-service commercial real estate company that has been involved in this field for decades. 

Strong returns are not a surprise to some when it comes to commercial property. You can gain both income and capital growth in a commercial property since it provides strong and reliable returns. However, making a quick gain shouldn't be your only objective because this endeavor requires great effort and patience. You should take advantage of a growing investment over time where you can get a return consistently above inflation.

Aside from higher returns, commercial property is oftentimes more secure - a crucial point to others that can result in a steady income. Leasing commercial real estate usually ranges from three to ten years as opposed to short-term leases of residential properties.

Because of the mentioned benefits above, reviews state that the risk is lesser if you invest in commercial property than in residential property or the stock market. This data is based on overall analysis of both properties. 

According to Bacall Development and its associates, commercial property can catch the attention of different sectors in the economy. Because of the dependence of retail property on consumer spending trends, it has the highest direct relationship to the economy, along with industrial properties. Office buildings are most likely to perform depending on long-term supply and demand. Exposure to various sectors can deliver great benefits to you and to avoid fraud as well.

Acquiring tax benefits is imaginable with a commercial property. Most commercial properties attract handy building allowances as well as depreciation allowances on plant equipment within the building.

Protection against inflation is also one of the benefits of investing in commercial property. Reviews reveal that commercial property has been considered as a good protection against inflation over the years. It has a good record of outpacing inflation over a long period of time.

Investment control? Yes, it's possible. You have a significant level of control over your investment in case you're an owner of a direct property. You have control on various areas such as change of use for the property, disposal, redevelopment, renovations, the terms of the lease, the type of tenant, and upgrading.

Furthermore, you have the ability to add value in a commercial property investment through improvement of the appearance, renovation, lease restructure, subdivision or enlargement, and upgrade. You can further leverage your commercial investments as you improve the property and it grows in value. By borrowing more against your improved equity, you can quickly be in a position to control a sizeable portfolio of properties. 

However, Bacall Development needs you to know that there are still disadvantages in owning commercial properties. What are mentioned above could be the total opposite to others based on their individual experience. The firm suggests that you must choose the right commercial property to have a strong capital growth and gain a great rental return. You must know what makes a good commercial property.

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We comment on IOSCO's non-GAAP financial measures - International Organization of Financial Securities Regulatory Commission

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited has responded to the International Organization of Securities Commissions' Consultation 'Proposed Statement on Non-GAAP Financial Measures'. We support addressing the issue of non-GAAP financial measures at a global level as it is pervasive, and believe it is in the best interests of global securities markets if the proposed statement applied consistently in all IOSCO jurisdictions and is not overlaid with local guidance.

The comment letter makes a number of additional points, including:

•    For the proposed statement to have maximum effect, we encourage IOSCO to develop a common definition of 'non-GAAP financial measure' and to determine which such measures should be subject to the common discipline
•    It is important for the efficient operation of global capital markets that national and regional guidance is consistent and does not contradict the requirements of globally-recognised financial reporting frameworks
•    We agree that the proposed statement should apply to 'any non-GAAP financial measure wherever the measure is disclosed outside of the financial statements' as it recognises standard-setters' responsibility in relation to financial statements, and is a way of achieving consistency in the use of non-GAAP financial measures across the annual report as a whole, but suggest that IOSCO works with the IASB to clarify what is considered to be an 'IFRS measure'
•    We encourage IOSCO to determine a consistent scope, application and enforcement of the proposed statement, as it is assumed that it would encompass information on websites and other non-regulated information, and some securities market regulators regulate press releases and web-based material, but others do not.